What Is The Moral Of The Lord Of The Rings?

What is the message of Lord of the Rings?

The One Ring represents power.

Whoever holds it has power over the world.

The message we seem to get from Tolkien regarding power is that it’s best not to have it.

The Ring corrupts all who come near it, and the only hope they have for a better world is to destroy the Ring and all its power..

What is the main theme of Lord of the Rings?

Scholars and critics have identified many themes of The Lord of the Rings, a major fantasy novel by J. R. R. Tolkien, including a reversed quest, the struggle of good and evil, death and immortality, fate and free will, the danger of power, and various aspects of Christianity such as the presence of three Christ …

Why is Gandalf so powerful?

Gandalf is the wisest of the Maiar. … He is the wisest and most powerful of the Five Wizards: although some have conjectured that Saruman was more powerful due to his pre-War position as head of the Wise, Tolkien wrote that Saruman knew Gandalf possessed the greater power and wisdom and hated him for it.

What does Lord of the Rings teach us?

Stay productive, and know that your tasks make a difference in at least one life: Your own. Carrying the Ring throughout Middle Earth is no easy task. In fact, Frodo almost succumbs to it’s powers more than once. But Sam, his trusted companion, is always there to get him back on the right path.

Is Gandalf good or evil?

As a wizard and the bearer of a Ring of Power, Gandalf has great power, but works mostly by encouraging and persuading. He sets out as Gandalf the Grey, possessing great knowledge, and travelling continually, always focused on the mission to counter the Dark Lord Sauron.

Is Gandalf a Jesus?

Gandalf is clearly Christ-Like in his sacrifice for others and resurrection as an “angelic” figure. army(Brehm. “The Gospel According to J.R.R. Tolkien.”). Aragorn manages to overcome evil and reign in a new era of peace and healing between nations.

Why Lord of the Rings should be banned?

The classic trilogy, along with The Hobbit, has been banned in many schools and public libraries across the nation. … According to a National Health Service anti-smoking group in Plymouth, England, children should be banned from watching films like Lord of the Rings because they feature people smoking.

Did Gandalf die in real life?

However, the Independent reports that fans have taken to Twitter to mourn the loss of “Gandalf” – who was played by the very-much-alive actor Sir Ian McKellen. Sir Christopher Lee passed away on Sunday at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, after being hospitalised for respiratory problems and heart failure.

Is Legolas older than Gandalf?

Legolas is older than Gandalf. … Legolas is a grey elf and it’s not known when he was born. His father Thranduil was born sometime during the First Age though, so he has to be born sometime during the First or Second Age. A year of the Valar is approximately 9.52 ‘normal’ years.