What Is The Best App For Remote Control?

Is there an app to use your phone as a TV remote?

On your phone, download the Android TV Remote Control app from the Play Store.

Connect your phone and Android TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

Tap the name of your Android TV..

What is the best remote control app for Android?

Best Android remote control appsDownload ASmart Remote IR: Android.Download ZaZa Remote: Android.Download Smart TV Remote: Android.Download Sure Universal Remote: Android.Download Universal TV Remote: Android.Download Anymote: Android.Download AIR Remote Free for Apple TV: Android.Download CetusPlay: Android.More items…•

How can I use my phone as a remote?

On the supporting deviceDownload and install TeamViewer for Remote Control on your Android, iOS or Chromebook device. … Open the App on the respective device.Connect to the supported device using the ID mentioned above or via the Computers & Contacts list.More items…

Can I use my phone as a remote without IR Blaster?

Yes it is possible to use your android phone as a TV remote without an Ir blaster, but you need to have a smart TV which can connect to WiFi or Bluetooth (I’ve less idea about smart TVs, guessing they provide Bluetooth connectivity too), or else it won’t be possible to make it into a remote.

Can I download an IR Blaster?

The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on 2017-06-21. The program can be installed on Android. IR BLASTER Gen2 (version 23) has a file size of 26.21 MB and is available for download from our website.

What is the best TV remote control app?

The Best TV Remote Apps for Android and iPhoneAndroid TV Remote Control. The Android TV Remote Control app is an official Google product. … Amazon Fire TV Remote. … RCA Universal Remote. … Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control. … Apple TV Remote.AnyMote Smart IR Remote. … Unified TV.0 comments Write a Comment.

Which TV remote app actually works?

Anymote is one of the best universal remote control apps we’ve used. It supports both IR and WiFi-based device control. This is good since the Galaxy Note 10+ we tried this app on doesn’t have an IR remote blaster. However, the app immediately detected the Samsung Smart TV on the same WiFi network.

Does my phone have an IR blaster?

Check the top of your phone. Usually there will be a mic over there in form of small hole. But if there’s one more small hole which is covered with a small plastic then there’s a chance of ir blaster in your phone. A much easy option is put your phone number on Google and check if it has iR blaster in it.

Can I use my phone as a remote for a non smart TV?

Option 1 (ONLY for Android smartphones WITH IR blaster) : Download Peel app for Android. You can not only control your TV and other devices, you can also view what shows and movies are coming on your Set Top Box and change channels without touching your remote.