What City Name Is In All 50 States?

What is the most common town name in the world?


How many Lexingtons are in the US?

There are 25 places named Lexington in America. There is one place named Lexington in Liberia. Cities named Lexington in America. Cities named Lexington in Liberia.

What’s the longest name of a city?

Bangkok’s Full Name Is The Longest City Place-Name In The World.

What is the weirdest town name?

The 50 Weirdest Town Names in AmericaBacon Level, AL.Deadhorse, AK.Nothing, AZ.Greasy Corner, AR.Forks of Salmon, CA.Nowhere, CO.Hazardville, CT.Blue Ball, DE.More items…

What country has the weirdest name?

Niger Niger, officially the Republic of Niger, is a landlocked country in Western Africa, named after the Niger River. It is pronounced like niz-air. Not the word I know your laughing about. A few years ago in geography, we saw this and everyone went,” THERE IS A COUNTRY CALLED THE N WORD!

What town name is the most common in the US?

Most Common Town And City Names In The U.S.A.RankMost Common Place Names In The U.S.Occurrences of Place Name Nationwide1Washington882Springfield413Franklin354Greenville306 more rows•Jun 28, 2018

What is the oldest city in the United States?

St. AugustineAugustine, America’s Oldest City. St. Augustine, founded in September 1565 by Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles of Spain, is the longest continually inhabited European-founded city in the United States – more commonly called the “Nation’s Oldest City.”

What is the longest American name?

Wolfe + 666 Sr., Hubert Blaine Wolfe+585 Sr., and Hubert Blaine Wolfe+590 Sr., among others) is the abbreviated name of a German-born American typesetter who has held the record for the longest personal name ever used. Hubert’s name is made up from 27 names.

What city name is found in every state?

According to a common factoid, there’s a community called Springfield in all 50 states, but the U.S. Board on Geographic Names says that’s not true: only 34 states have a Springfield. The real champ is Riverside. Unless you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, or Oklahoma, there’s at least one Riverside in your state.

How many states have a city named Franklin?

How many places in America are called Franklin? There are 39 places named Franklin in America.

What is the funniest city name in us?

The 35 Weirdest American City NamesAmerican Fork, Utah.Dinosaur, Colorado. … Fries, Virginia. … Placentia, California. … Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. … Bluff, Alaska. … Soda Springs, Idaho. … Bangs, Texas. … More items…•

Can a state have two cities with the same name?

It is fairly common to have cities in different states w/ the same name. It is fairly common to have cities in different states w/ the same name.

How many cities have the same name?

Like St. Petersburg, Florida, which is actually named after the famous Russian city. But other times, it’s just a random occurrence. Like the fact that there are 88 different US cities with Washington in the name.

What is the most common last name?

SmithSmith is the most common last name in the United States, followed by Johnson, Miller, Jones, Williams, and Anderson, according to genealogy company Ancestry.com.

What is the name of city in USA?

New YorkUnited States2017 rankCityState1New YorkNew York2Los AngelesCalifornia3ChicagoIllinois4HoustonTexas36 more rows

What state has the weirdest city names?

The Weirdest Town Names In All 50 StatesAlabama: Scratch Ankle.Alaska: Chicken.Arizona: Catfish Paradise.Arkansas: Toad Suck.California: Mormon Bar.Colorado: Parachute.Connecticut: Moosup.Delaware: Flea Hill.More items…•

What is the weirdest name ever?

From Apple to Audio Science check out Kidspot’s top 20 crazy celebrity baby names.Wacko baby name #1 Pilot Inspektor. … Wacko baby name #2 Egypt. … Wacko baby name #4 Ocean. … Wacko baby name #5 Buddy Bear. … Wacko baby name #6 Blue Angel. … Wacko baby name #7 Princess Tiaamii. … Wacko baby name #8 Apple.More items…•

What is the most famous city in the world?

The 10 Most Popular Cities of 2019Bangkok, Thailand. Number of overnight visitors: 22.78 million. … Paris, France. Number of overnight visitors: 19.10 million. … London, U.K. Number of overnight visitors: 19.09 million. … Dubai, U.A.E. Number of overnight visitors: 15.93 million. … Singapore. … Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. … New York City. … Istanbul, Turkey.More items…•