Quick Answer: Who Was First Female Supreme Court Justice?

Who are the female Supreme Court justices?

The four women who have served on the high court are Justices Sandra Day O’Connor, Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan..

Who was first Supreme Court justice?

John JayThe First Supreme Court As stipulated by the Judiciary Act of 1789, there was one Chief Justice, John Jay, and five Associate Justices: James Wilson, William Cushing, John Blair, John Rutledge and James Iredell.

Who was the first woman Supreme Court justice confirmed?

Sandra Day O’ConnorPresident Ronald Reagan nominates Sandra Day O’Connor, an Arizona court of appeals judge, to be the first woman Supreme Court justice in U.S. history. On September 21, the Senate unanimously approved her appointment to the nation’s highest court, and on September 25 she was sworn in by Chief Justice Warren Burger.

Who was the first judge ever?

Chief Justice of the United StatesConstituting instrumentConstitution of the United StatesFormationMarch 4, 1789First holderJohn JayWebsiteSupremeCourt.gov9 more rows

When was the first female Justice elected to the Supreme Court?

1981She worked in the state supreme court for only two years before President Ronald Reagan nominated her in 1981 to become the first female justice to serve on the United States Supreme Court. She was unanimously approved by the Senate.

Who was the first female on the Supreme Court?

Justice Sandra Day O’ConnorJustice Sandra Day O’Connor was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan, and served from 1981 until 2006.

Who was the first female Supreme Court justice quizlet?

Sandra Day O’Connor Flashcards | Quizlet.

Who was the youngest Supreme Court justice?

Joseph StoryTo date, six justices have been foreign born; the most recent, Felix Frankfurter, who served on the court from 1939 to 1962, was a native of Vienna, Austria. The youngest associate justice ever appointed was Joseph Story, who was 32 years old when he joined the bench in 1811.

Who is the oldest Supreme Court?

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.Horace Lurton (1910-1914) was 65 years old when he took his oath of office. Who was the oldest person to serve on the Supreme Court? The oldest person to serve as a Supreme Court Justice was Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., (1902-1932) who was 90 when he retired from the Court.

Who are the 9 Supreme Court judges?

Back row: Associate Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice Elena Kagan, Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. Nine Justices make up the current Supreme Court: one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices.

Who is the chief justice of the Supreme Court quizlet?

Chief Justice William Howard Taft led a campaign for the nomination of this justice. Who is the most recent justice selected to serve on the Supreme court?

Who is the chief justice of the United States now quizlet?

Terms in this set (9) Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.