Quick Answer: How Old Do You Have To Be For A Phone Contract?

What credit score do I need for a phone contract?

There is no minimum credit score required to get a mobile phone, each network operator will score you differently and it can sometimes help to go to the ‘easier’ networks first.

Vodafone and 3 are said to be the easiest networks to be approved on, so start by applying to those..

Can you buy a phone without a plan?

Most carriers now sell a no-contract option, either with our without a payment plan. … While most unlocked phones are also no-contract, it’s common enough that one carrier will sell the phone exclusively (not other carrier store stocks it), but you’re often able to buy the phone from the manufacturer as well.

Can my parents take my phone away if I pay for it?

Long answer: As long as you are a minor, your parents are responsible for you. This includes your behavior, your appearance, and your belongings. So yes, they can take away anything at any time, whether you paid for it or not.

How old do you have to be to get a phone plan with tmobile?

18 yearsSigning a contract plan requires 18 years of age.

Do my parents still have control over me when I’m 18?

The answer is yes and no. (Mostly no.) It’s true that when your child reaches the age of eighteen, they are legally seen as an adult and are legally responsible for their own behavior instead of their parents. … The truth is, no matter how old your child, you have the right to enforce the rules of your house.

Which iPhone is best for a 13 year old?

Apple iPhone 11 Teens who think an iPhone SE doesn’t have enough social prestige, or who want a bigger-screen iPhone experience, should be satisfied with the iPhone 11. It brings a second wide-angle camera (for those group shots) and a much bigger display, while still being much more affordable than the iPhone 11 Pro.

What is the best first phone for a child?

1 Good First Phone: Jitterbug Flip. Jitterbug. GreatCall amazon.com. … 2 Good for Little Kids: Relay Kids Phone Alternative. Amazon. Relay amazon.com. … 3 Good for Games: VTech KidiBuzz. Amazon. VTech amazon.com. … 4 Good for Photos: iPod touch. Apple. … 5 Good for Older Kids: Nokia 6.1. Best Buy. … 6 Good for GPS: Jiobit. Jiobit.

Can you buy a phone if you are under 18?

A minor does not have the right to sign a legally binding contract of any kind, including a cell phone contract. If a 16-year-old wanted to own and operate a cell phone, she would need someone over 18 to sign the contract associated with it for her.

Can I get a phone contract with no credit?

Having a poor credit history doesn’t mean you’re not eligible to take out a mobile phone contract. What it does mean, however, as with any other type of credit (like a loan, credit card or overdraft, for example), is that you may be less likely to be given the contract in the first place.

Why can’t I get a contract phone?

There can be several outcomes if you’re applying for a mobile phone contract. Your application may be accepted outright, or with a condition (for example, you may be required to pay a deposit) – or you may not get the contract. One reason that your application may have been rejected is because of your credit history.

How can I get a contract with no credit history?

7 Ways to Get a Cell Phone Contract With No Credit CheckUse No Credit Check Cell Phone Services (like T-Mobile or Cricket) Many major service providers require a contract for a good reason. … Get a Cosigner. … Join a Family Plan. … Pay A Security Deposit. … Become an Authorized User. … Try Pay As You Go / Prepaid Carrier.

How old do you have to be to get a cell phone contract in Canada?

The legal age is 18 years in: Alberta.

Can I get a iPhone with no credit?

If you don’t have any credit yet, you can get a secured credit card and start building a credit history.

Can I get Verizon with no credit?

Without a credit history, you will most likely have to give Verizon a security deposit of up to $400/line. The deposit is refunded after 1 year of in full and on time payments.

Can 17 year olds get a contract phone?

You must be at least 18 years old If you’re not 18 yet, don’t despair. You can either ask an adult to take out a pay monthly contract for you (the credit check and bills will need to be in their name), or check out our great range of pay as you go phone or broadband deals.

Why do you have to be 18 to get a phone contract?

One of the reasons for this is that the majority of mobile phone networks do a credit check before allowing someone to agree to a contract with them to ensure that you’ve paid all of your bills and so on in the past. But if a person is under 18 they wouldn’t be allowed to take out a loan, credit card etc.

Do you need to be 18 to buy an Iphone?

You only have to be 18 if you’re taking out a contract. Otherwise, there is no age minimum for buying a phone regardless of it’s value – sales people do not have to know where you get the money from for it, nor do they have the right to ask. As far as they know you might have got an inheritance for example.

How can I get a phone contract at 18?

figment_ukBe at least 18 years old;Have a regular income;Be able to provide checkable UK address history covering the last 3 years;Be on the electoral register at their current address;Have a debit/credit card registered at the same address;Pass a credit check.

What is the best phone plan for a teenager?

Here are five of the best cell phone plans for kids and teens.Tello. Tello is a prepaid cell phone service provider with flexible plans and low rates – perfect for kids! … Ting. Ting is another excellent choice for those looking for the best cell phone plans for kids. … Twigby. … Mint Mobile. … Republic Wireless.

What is the best phone for a 14 year old?

Samsung Galaxy J3 2017. The Samsung Galaxy J4 is a good option for children because of its robust design and strong features. … Monqi Kids Smartphone. … Huawei Y6 2017. … Nokia 6. … Nokia 3310. … Motorola Moto G5. … iPhone 8. … iPhone SE.More items…