Quick Answer: How Do You Contact Talk Talk?

Who owns Talk Talk?

TalkTalk GroupTrade nameTalkTalkKey peopleSir Charles Dunstone (Executive Chairman) Tristia Harrison (CEO)ProductsFixed line telephony, internet services, digital televisionRevenue£1,609 million (2019)Operating income£89 million (2019)10 more rows.

Why can’t I log into my TalkTalk mail?

Re: Cannot log onto my Email Hi Slaphead, it means your mailbox has been moved onto the new mail platform. Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

Is sky better than TalkTalk?

Sky and TalkTalk offer some fairly similar packages (although Sky has one fewer, which makes it arguably simpler), but TalkTalk has a larger choice of contract lengths, no set-up fees and fixed-prices for the length of its contracts. So in this category TalkTalk is the winner.

What is my TalkTalk account number?

The account number was sent to you in your Welcome pack (first page inside the cover) and it’s also on the Direct Debit mandate confirmation letter and on all TalkTalk communications about your account (but not marketing communications).

What has happened to my Tiscali email address?

From 20 November all your legacy Tiscali mailboxes will be shut down unless you pay £5 a month or £50 a year, said the email, seen by The Register. Unfortunately, if you choose not to sign up for TalkTalk Mail Plus, from 20/11/2019 you’ll lose the vast majority of TalkTalk Mail features.

Will I lose my email address if I leave TalkTalk?

The Terms and Conditions do say that if you leave TalkTalk you cannot keep your email address. However, in practice, so long as you sign in to TalkTalk Webmail at least once every 180 days the email account will remain open.

Are 0845 numbers free with Talk Talk anytime?

Landline customers with inclusive calling plans can sometimes call 0870 and 0845 numbers free of charge: … TalkTalk charge for both 0845 and 0870 calls. Virgin Media includes calls to 0870 with their plans, and charges 0845 numbers at the standard rate.

Do you get free calls with TalkTalk?

At TalkTalk, we provide great rates on phone calls both within the UK and internationally. … If you have Fast Broadband, Faster Fibre or our Simply Broadband package, there are no calls included so you only pay for the calls you make.

Why is TalkTalk so slow?

No, a faulty router is not the most common cause of this. Slow speed, intermittent dropouts, breaks in the signal, or no signal on some or all devices, might be caused by Wi-Fi interference from other local networks, which can also lead to a permanent reduction in speed.

How do I get a TalkTalk email address?

To create your TalkTalk e-mail address, take the following steps:Go to www.talktalk.co.uk/myaccount and log in.Click Account Details and select Email & password from the menu.Click Create.Fill in the fields and click Submit.

What is Talk Talk home phone number?

Dial the TALK HOME RECHARGEABLE Calling Card local access number: 0330 993 7332 or london access number 0207 993 7332. You may also use our free phone access number: 0800 786 0785.

Will I lose my TalkTalk email address?

TalkTalk Webmail When you cancel TalkTalk (www.talktalk.co.uk) broadband, you’ll still be able to send and receive mail from your email address for up to 12 months. … And if there’s no action on your email account for six months, TalkTalk will automatically delete that email address.

Are 0344 numbers free with Talk Talk?

Re: What is the call charge using 0344? 03 numbers are charged at the same rate as 01/02 numbers so they will be charged or inclusive depending on your TalkTalk package.

How do I report a fault to talk talk?

If you’re still having problems after exhausting all our troubleshooting advice, please contact our fault team on 0870 087 8777*. Select 3 for technical questions, set up and faults and then select option 1 for landline faults or option 2 for broadband faults.

How do I get in touch with Talk Talk?

If you’re an existing TalkTalk customer, and you’d like to speak to someone about your account and billing, moving house, to get some technical support, or make a complaint, call TalkTalk on 0345 172 0088 – it’s free if you call from a TalkTalk landline.

Can TalkTalk close my email account?

If you don’t use TalkTalk Mail for 180 days then the mailbox will be flagged for deletion. When you leave TalkTalk your MyAccount remains active for 12 months and that means you can manage your email account via MyAccount for 12 months. i.e. change a password or fully delete the mailbox.

Is talk talk any good?

TalkTalk’s prices are nice and low. … It also promises to freeze your price for the length of your contract – so you don’t have to worry about the bill going up unexpectedly. TalkTalk almost always has some of the cheapest broadband packages around, and often has special offers on to make it even more worth your while.

Is BT better than TalkTalk?

For standard broadband, TalkTalk offer slightly better speeds at a lower price, along with impressive TV and call boosts. However, BT are far superior for extras and offer the fastest broadband speeds, so it depends on what customers are looking for.

How do I complain to talk talk?

For complaints about your TV, landline or broadband service call 0345 172 0088. For complaints about TalkTalk Mobile call 0345 172 0044. You can also use TalkTalk’s live online chat function to send a complaint, or you can email: concerns@talktalkplc.com and replies will typically arrive within 72 hours.

Is there an app for TalkTalk mail?

TalkTalk Mail App setup Guide for Android Select the TalkTalk Mail App to open it. Enter your TalkTalk Mail Username and Password and select Login. On your first login, you’ll be asked if you want to allow TalkTalk Mail to access your contacts.