Question: Who Is Soul Viper?

What is the age of SouL VipeR?

Yash Paresh “SouL VipeR” Soni (born 18 December, 1998), is an Indian Youtuber, streamer, influencer and a gamer with over 900K subscribers on Youtube and professional PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Esports Mobile player….SouL VipeR.VipeRStatusActiveBornDecember 18, 1998 (age 21) MumbaiHometownMumbai, IndiaNationalityIndian5 more rows•Aug 17, 2020.

Where is from SouL Viper?

Viper’s Hometown is in Mumbai, India.

Why did Owais leave soul?

Consequently, Scout left Soul clan after the controversy. He had started preparing for the ongoing PMIT along with the other three teammates. So, Ronak and Owais also left the clan to join Scout in pursuit of the trophy.

Who is MortaL GF?

RavenThe most asked question about Mortal Girlfriend As per some live Stream and social media Soul Mortal has a girlfriend and his Name Is Raven and she is also Gamer. in one of the live streams, Mortal Propose Raven in the live stream and now Mortal is Unmarried.

Did Owais leave soul?

During a YouTube stream, SouL Ronak and SouL Viper confirmed that Owais and sc0utOP will be leaving Team Soul. Soon after the conclusion of the PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split 2019, Mortal announced a break from the competitive scene to focus more on YouTube and streaming.

What is the salary of soul Regaltos?

2 lakh rupees every monthSoul Regaltos Income And Salary 2020 Soul Regaltos has over 1.6 million subscribers on youtube. Regaltos Daily streams live. Soul Regaltos earns more than 5 thousand every day through Paytm, Google Pay, and superchats. Regaltos earn an income of 2 lakh rupees every month.

Who is better mortal or Scout?

Both the players have awe-inspiring and impressive stats. In the previous season, Scout had more kills and higher K/D than Mortal. However, when it came to the win rate, it was Mortal who had the upper hand. In the current season, Scout is ahead in both the departments.

Who is owner of Hydra clan?

Dynamo’sDynamo’s PUBG Mobile IGN is HYDRA | Dynamo. Dynamo is one of the most popular gaming YouTubers in India. He owns the Dynamo Gaming channel on YouTube with more than 6.3 subscribers. He is also the leader of HYDRA clan, one of the most popular clans in India.

What is the best name in CoC?

180+ Best CoC Clan Names for youIdeal Lightning.King Zurich army.Watts’ warriors.Brahmasmi soldiers.Dharma Gurus.Commando2.AmIKilling.Kill Steal No Deal.More items…•

What is the age of SouL MortaL?

What is the age of SouL MortaL? MortaL was born on May 22, 1996, and he is 23 years old.

Is Regaltos a good player?

Soul Regaltos is a renowned competitive PUBG Mobile player. He is considered as one of the best assaulters in the country, and is well-known for winning 1v1 battles over close ranges in the game. … Currently, he is staying at the Soul Gaming House in Mumbai, alongside his Team Soul teammates.

Who is better dynamo or Scout?

Both Dynamo and Scout have great stats, which we expect of talented players. If we compare only the Asian server stats, Scout wins in the kills and K/D ratio department with 251 kills in just 47 matches and a higher Kill to Death ratio than Dynamo. However, Dynamo has an upper hand with his magnificent win rate.

Who is the owner of Team SouL?

Naman “MortaL” Sandeep MathurNaman “MortaL” Sandeep Mathur – SouL He is also the team owner of SouL, a renowned Indian Esports organisation focused on PUBG Mobile.

Who is the leader of Hydra clan?

Supreme Hydra Arnold Brown – The Imperial Hydra who was the organization’s figurehead.

Which phone does scout use for PUBG?

iPhone 11 Pro MaxScout uses the 4 Finger Claw Setup and plays in an iPhone 11 Pro Max. He is also good friends with another famous PUBG Mobile player, Mortal.

Who is SouL ReGaLToS?

Parv “ReGaLToS” Singh is an Indian PUBG Mobile player who currently plays for Team SouL as an assaulter. He is very dedicated towards his competitive gaming career, and often sacrifices streaming to focus on his gameplay.

Who is Viper in PUBG?

Yash Paresh ‘Viper’ SoniYash Paresh ‘Viper’ Soni is a popular PUBG Mobile player who plays for Team Soul. He is one of the oldest members of the team. It is unlikely that a fan of PUBG Mobile tournaments wouldn’t be aware of Soul Viper. This 21-year-old is a specimen for upcoming talents being a Competitive Player, Streamer and Influencer.

Who is the leader of SouL Clan?

MortaL aka Naman MathurMortaL aka Naman Mathur, who is the leader of SouL suggested that players should make use of PUBG Mobile’s training ground to better their aim and to learn recoil control of each gun prevalent inside of the game.

Did Regaltos leave SouL?

The fans have big hopes from team Soul which now has Soul Regaltos, former Fnatic IGL Sangwan, and Aman for PMIS 2020. The two players from SouL; Ronak and Owais has left the team due to some internal issues with the manager 8Bit Thug.