Question: What Is The Highest Rank In Seaman?

What is the highest rank on a ship?

CaptainThe Captain (or Master) of the ship is the final authority of the ship and is the highest rank that one can achieve onboard.

He shoulders total responsibility and oversees all shipboard operations..

What rank is First Mate?

On most ships, the First Mate is the officer who ranks just below the Captain of the ship and takes over in the event that the Captain can no longer perform his duties. Unfortunately this is not the case on a pirate ship. The first mate on a pirate ship is the man the pirate picks as his second in command.

What does a leading seaman do?

The Leading Seaman is responsible to the Divisional Officer, Watch Officer and Petty Officer for; 1. Organising the division for Colours and Sunset Parade. … As Leading Seaman you’re in charge of your division.

What is the highest position in Navy?

Chief of Naval StaffThe highest ranked naval officer is the Chief of Naval Staff. India uses the Midshipman rank in its navy, and all future officers carry the rank upon entering the Indian Naval Academy. They are commissioned Sub-lieutenants upon finishing their course of study.