Question: Is Imaginatory A Word?

What does metaphor mean?


a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, as in “A mighty fortress is our God.”Compare mixed metaphor, simile (def.


something used, or regarded as being used, to represent something else; emblem; symbol..

What does the word of mean?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 —used as a function word to indicate a point of reckoningnorth of the lake. 2a —used as a function word to indicate origin or derivationa man of noble birth. b —used as a function word to indicate the cause, motive, or reasondied of flu.

What is the best definition of the term imaginary?

adjective. The definition of imaginary is not real or existing only in the mind, or a square root of a negative number.

What is sheep slang for?

The definition of a sheep is a woolly mammal with horns, or a slang term for a person who follows the crowd, is meek and is easily led. A fuzzy white animal that can be shaved to get wool is an example of a sheep.

What is another word for revulsion?

What is another word for revulsion?aversiondisgustdistasteloathingrepugnancerepulsionabhorrenceabominationdetestationhorror234 more rows

What does revulsion mean?

a strong feeling of repugnance, distaste, or dislike: Cruelty fills me with revulsion. a sudden and violent change of feeling or response in sentiment, taste, etc. the act of drawing something back or away.

What is the opposite of imaginary?

imaginary. Antonyms: actual, authentic, certain, demonstrable, developed, essential, genuine, positive, real, substantial, true, unquestionable, veritable. Synonyms: conceived, fabulous, fanciful, feigned, fictitious, hypothetical, illusory, reported, supposed, supposititious, theoretical, unreal, untrue, visionary.

What does a sheep emoji mean?

🐑 Meaning – Ewe Emoji An emoji of a sheep can have various meanings according to context but it is most often related to sleep. A person can use it to express cowardice or say that he “is counting sheep” or even express docility.

What does it mean to be a sheep in wolf’s clothing?

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is an idiom of Biblical origin used to describe those playing a role contrary to their real character with whom contact is dangerous, particularly false teachers. Much later, the idiom has been applied by zoologists to varying kinds of predatory behaviour.

What is another word for Imaginary?

Some common synonyms of imaginary are chimerical, fanciful, fantastic, quixotic, and visionary. While all these words mean “unreal or unbelievable,” imaginary applies to something which is fictitious and purely the product of one’s imagination.

Is Revulsive a word?

adjective. tending to alter the distribution of blood by revulsion.

What part of speech is the word imaginary?

part of speech: adjective. definition: existing only in the imagination.

What sheeple means?

obeying authority like livestockinformal. : people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced : people likened to sheep James Nichols, who ran the family farm here, stamped dollar bills with red ink in protest against currency and told his neighbors that they were “sheeple” for obeying authority like livestock.—

What is the meaning of fictitious?

created, taken, or assumed for the sake of concealment; not genuine; false: fictitious names. of, relating to, or consisting of fiction; imaginatively produced or set forth; created by the imagination: a fictitious hero.

What is the meaning of imaginary line?

In general, an imaginary line is any sort of geometric line that has only an abstract definition and does not physically exist. In fact, is used to identify a map properly.

What is a female sheep?

• An adult female sheep is called a ewe. An adult male sheep is called a ram.

What does pro natalist mean?

noun. the policy or practice of encouraging the bearing of children, especially government support of a higher birthrate.

What does trepidation mean?

fear, dread, fright, alarm, panic, terror, trepidation mean painful agitation in the presence or anticipation of danger. fear is the most general term and implies anxiety and usually loss of courage.

Is Sheepy a word?

Resembling a sheep, except in sheepish behavior.