Question: How Many Phones Can You Have On Sky Mobile?

Is Sky Mobile cheaper if you have Sky TV?

In terms of pricing, Sky Mobile’s plans are broadly comparable to other main networks.

In fact, its monthly rates are actually a bit cheaper for the most part.

In other words, if you’re already a Sky TV customer or you don’t send many texts or minutes each month, Sky Mobile is probably a cheaper option for you..

Can existing Sky customers get a better deal?

There are huge savings to be made on Sky’s services – in particular TV, but broadband and line rental too. In a nutshell, call up and ask for a better deal. Say you’re paying too much or rivals’ deals are cheaper. If that doesn’t work, tell them you’re leaving.

How long do Sky take to deliver phones?

If it’s been more than 3 working days and you still haven’t got it, order a replacement SIM online in My Account….Devices and selected accessories.Device orders confirmed:Delivery date*:By 9pm Monday – FridayNext dayAfter 9pm Monday – Thursday2 daysAfter 9pm Friday – 3pm SundayMondayAfter 3pm SundayTuesday

Who does Sky Mobile piggy back on?

Mobile networks like giffgaff, Lycamobile, Sky Mobile and Tesco Mobile piggyback on O2’s network for coverage. The UK has only four network coverage providers: EE, O2, Three and Vodafone.

How many phones can you have with Sky?

five devicesYou can watch Sky Go on one device at a time and register up to five devices to watch Sky Go on per account.

Do Sky customers get discount on Sky Mobile?

Anyone can take out a Sky Mobile deal, but choosing this network is an especially good call for Sky TV customers – it comes with a few special extras. If you’ve got Sky TV, a Sky Mobile plan will give you: … Sky Go Extra, included free of charge.

Do you own the phone with Sky Mobile?

You own the phone once you contract has been paid off in full, so if your contract length is 36 months then once you have made the last payment then the phone is yours.

Can I share my Sky Mobile Data?

Go to (My Account > Mobile > Sky Piggybank) and sign in with your Sky iD. … Tap Manage Piggybank. Choose how much data you’d like to Roll using the + or – buttons. Tap Roll XGB to this SIM.

How long are Sky Mobile phone contracts?

On Swap12, our 24-month contract, you can upgrade your phone after 12 months, while on Swap24, our 36-month contract, you can upgrade your phone after 24 months.

How does Sky rollover data work?

Any unused data is automatically moved into a “piggybank of data” (Sky’s words) at the end of each month. It’s stored there for three years, then you lose it. Then, at some point in the future when you run out of data, you can log into your Sky account and take some data out of the piggybank in 1GB increments.

Can I have 2 phones on Sky Mobile?

@EmilyH87 You can log into your Sky accoubnt and navigate tyo ther mobile page, from here you can add a new sim contract and order handsets, please note you can only purchase 1 hjandset at a time. If you wanting 2 phones one will be Sim free, as yoiub have asim already, the other can be bought with a data package also.

Does Sky do unlimited data?

With Sky Mobile, you have the flexibility to change your plan whenever you like and enjoy unlimited streaming on all Sky apps, without using your data. That means any data you don’t use is rolled into your Sky Piggybank at the end of each month. … Just choose a phone and a data plan that’s right for you.

Does Sky Mobile credit check existing customers?

Credit search Once we’ve run a credit check for your order, you’ll be able to see that we’ve left a mark on your credit file. We’ll only run one credit check per order. When you take a credit agreement with us other lenders might also see that a Telecommunications company has performed a credit search.

Do I own my phone after 24 months?

Typically the cost of your phone is divided over 24 months. As long as you still owe money on your phone, you can’t leave your carrier. When you’ve paid the phone off, you own it. Unlike the subsidy model, this usually also means your monthly bill is cheaper once your phone is paid off.

What happens at the end of Sky Mobile contract?

Sky Mobile will take the phone off your hands and use it to pay the remaining balance so there is no fee to pay to upgrade. You also get free delivery to your door and there’s no upfront cost on the new phone.

Can you keep your phone on Sky swap?

We’ll deliver it for free. Keep your SIM and your old device – you don’t have to send it back to us. Carry on paying off your old device each month, as well as your new one, until your credit agreement ends.

Is Sky Mobile a good deal?

Sky Mobile is clearly best for Sky TV customers, since you can stream without using your data allowance when using its apps. However, it’s worth considering even if you get your entertainment elsewhere, as being able to roll over an unlimited amount of data is a big selling point that few networks can match.

Does Sky do NHS discount?

Sky NHS Discount. Sky have a number of discounts for to take advantage of, ranging from a discount on broadband and TV packages, together with mobile phone and contract bundles. At the moment however there is no official NHS discount at Sky.