Question: How Do You Teach Past Modals?

How do you use past modals?

To form these past modals, use could, would, or should followed by have, followed by a past participle verb.

Use have for all pronouns; never use has or had to form a past modal.

Here are some examples: She could have gone to any college she wanted to..

How do you teach modals of deductions?

Practising modals of possibility/probability/deduction Another way of doing that is to give two groups one of the two photos each to speculate on, then put them in pairs to find the similarities and differences without showing the pictures to each other, insisting on speculating language at that stage too.

How do you teach modals?

Follow These Steps To Teach Modal Verbs. Start by introducing all the modal verbs you wish to talk about. This may include can, could, may, might, must, will, would, shall, should, and ought to but, depending on the level of your class, you can narrow it down to those you feel are most important.

What are past modals of deduction?

Some modals of deductions about the past are must have, might have/may have, and can’t have/couldn’t have. Must have + past participle is used to express certainty about something.