Question: Does Harrison Wells Lose His Intelligence?

Why did Eobard Thawne kill Barry’s mother?

Laying the real talk on the titular hero, Thawne (as we’ll be referring to him throughout the rest of the piece) bluntly states that he killed Nora Allen because of his hatred for Barry, or rather an older version of Barry..

Is Harrison Wells a good guy?

Earth 12 Wells is not good or bad as he cares little for life itself. Still he aided in decoding the Thinker’s real identity and later does commend Barry and Nora stopping Devoe and their other heroic accomplishments. Earth 221 Harrison Sherloque helps with a cost.

How old is Harrison wells in real life?

Tom CavanaghBornThomas Cavanagh October 26, 1963 Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaAlma materChamplain College Queen’s UniversityOccupationActorYears active1989–present3 more rows

Who is the bad flash?

Professor Eobard ThawneProfessor Eobard Thawne (born c. 2151), also known as the Reverse-Flash, is a meta-human speedster from the twenty-second century, a descendant of the late Eddie Thawne, a time criminal, and the archenemy of Barry Allen/The Flash.

Does Harrison Wells get his intelligence back?

Following DeVoe’s defeat, with help from his wife Marlize, Team Flash manages to restore Harry’s intelligence to a functional level, though he is unable to be restored to his previous genius-level intellect, and he returns to Earth-2.

How smart is Harrison Wells?

So it’s only logical to conclude that Harrison Wells has an IQ of 270–350 Seeing as how he can casually muster up the technology that the plot requires. And, was one of he first humans to discover dimensional hopping.

Is Dr Harrison Wells evil?

Evil Harrison Wells, played beautifully by Tom Cavanagh, was one of the best super-villains I’ve ever seen, if only because while he was an awful, evil person, you still grudgingly liked him. Even after his villainy was revealed, Barry and Cisco and Caitlin had a hard time not liking him.

Who did Dr Wells from Earth 2 kill?

-It was Tom Cavanagh (the actor who portrays him)’s idea to make him be rude like when he laughed in amusement when Cisco explained how Eobard murdered him. -He doesn’t seem to kill like Eobard since he sent Grodd to a gorilla refuge on Earth-2 where gorillas who underwent lab experiments were able to roam freely.

Is Doctor Wells a bad guy?

Is Wells evil? Kreisberg said Wells is not an “evil man” and that he even has reason to see “himself as a hero.” … Cavanagh sees Wells as a man is just “trying to get home.” He has genuine affection for the STAR Labs team and their mission — at least while it serves his own purposes.

Who is the smartest person in the Arrowverse?

10 Smartest Characters In The Arrowverse1 BRAINIAC 5. Being an AI from the future gives Brainy a jump on the competition.2 CISCO RAMON. Considering all the tech he has come up with over the years, Cisco Ramon just might be the smartest person in the Arrowverse. … 3 FELICITY SMOAK. … 4 RAY PALMER. … 5 WINN SCHOTT. … 6 CURTIS HOLT. … 7 LENA LUTHOR. … 8 MARTIN STEIN. … More items…•

Who is the yellow flash that killed Barry’s mom?

Eobard ThawneNora Allen (née Thompson; 1959 – March 18, 2000) was the mother of Barry Allen, the wife of the late Henry Allen, and a good friend of Joe West. She was fatally stabbed by Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash and her murder was pinned on Henry who was subsequently sent to prison.

Did Dr Wells kill Barry’s mom?

Wells did indeed kill Barry’s mother — a mystery Barry has been investigating since the show’s beginning. But Wells never meant to kill Nora Allen: he went back in time to kill Barry, but he failed and Nora was a casualty. Wells has been stuck in the past (at least for him) ever since.

What happened to Harrison wells in Season 5?

Harrison Sherloque Wells is an alternate version of Harrison Wells from Earth-221, who works as a detective. He joined Team Flash to help them find Cicada. After the formation of Earth-Prime, Sherloque’s brainwaves were merged with Nash Wells and he remains alive within Nash’s mind.

Does Harrison Wells die in the flash?

Harrison Wells (died April 16, 2000) was a brilliant scientist, the husband of Tess Morgan, a close friend of Tina McGee, and an identity theft victim of Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash.

Is Harrison Wells Earth 19 evil?

This Harrison Wells was very smart, willing to move to another dimension, seems like kind of a dork, and won most of the the team at S.T.A.R. Labs over. “He’s nice,” said Cisco. “and he’s not evil.

Who is the smartest Harrison Wells?

Sherloque WellsSherloque Wells, At Your Pleasure With one exception, every iteration of Harrison Wells throughout the multiverse is always going to be the smartest man in the room.

Is Harrison wells in Season 5?

Throughout the previous four seasons of The Flash, Team Flash has collected different alternate reality versions of Harrison Wells like they’re Pokémon — each played by national treasure Tom Cavanagh — and the latest version of the character finally showed himself in the third episode of Season 5.

Who killed Nora Allen?

Professor ZoomNora Allen was the wife of Dr. Henry Allen and mother of Barry Allen and Malcolm Thawne. When Barry was a child, Nora was murdered by the time-travelling Professor Zoom. Due to a lack of evidence, Henry was convicted and eventually died in prison.

Why does Thawne look like wells in Season 5?

The Crisis on Earth-X brought up the idea of Eobard Thawne still looking like Wells. It may be this Eobard who is appearing in Season 5. In an interview with showrunner Todd Helbing, TVLine asked if they were sticking with Cavanaugh-as-Thawne because it was more practical.