Is Amie Valid In India?

Is Amie equivalent to be?

AMIE is equivalent to B Tech.

However, it is a continuing education.

It means that AMIE should be pursued by working aspirants engaged in engineering field..

Is Amie valid after Supreme Court decision?

Suprem Court had made very clear that any Engineers Degree in the form of Corresponding and private form will be illegal and declare as void,Since 2001 whoever done Corresponding Engineering will be declare as void, and AIME degree is not valid before too because it is a institution which is not approved by AICTE which …

Is Amie valid after Supreme Court Decision 2019?

No, it’s not. The court has approved the degree only for the students who had enrolled or passed it before 2013. The court is yet to make a decision for the students who have enrolled after 2013 and also it’s current recognition status is not clear.

Is AMIE degree valid?

AMIE is recognised by Govt. of India and is valid for IES, UPSC, GATE, IES and Govt Jobs (where Eq. … An AMIE person can only apply in those Govt exams where Eq. to B.E./B. Tech is written.

Is Amie valid in USA?

AMIE is recognized as equivalent to BE, B Tech by MHRD in India . Yes. AMIE is equivalent to BTech or BE and is recognized as so. … Yes Amie is valid in india and also outside India.

Is Amie very tough?

It is a widespread myth among AMIE aspirants that AMIE is very tough. This is not true. On the contrary, AMIE is far easier than regular B Tech. In AMIE, you have to pass only 13 subjects, one project and ten lab experiments.

Can I do Phd after Amie?

Yes, after completion of M. Tech from AMIE, you are eligible for Ph. D course in Mechanical Engineering. If your M.

Is Amie better than BTech?

The AMIE is not a degree course like B. Tech, instead it is just a certification course in which there are two sections and the minimum time to pass both the sections is 4 years. but in industries AMIE is given more prefrence then B. … Tech rather than AMIE because after B.

Can Amie holder apply for IAS?

Yes, You are Eligible for IAS Examination After AMIE Course. **You must Be Graduate In any Discipline from a recognised University [andFinal year graduate candidates And Candidates who possessing professional and technical qualifications are also apply for Civil services examination].

Is Amie equal to degree?

The Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development considers this qualification is equivalent to a degree in engineering. AMIE was earlier Grad IE (Bachelor’s degree of Institution). … AMIE is also recognized by FCSA Foreign credential service of America as equivalent to bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Is Amie valid after 2013?

In 2017 it was recognized by AICTE as Valid Engineering Degree for Gate, higher education and all other Jobs, but only for those who have registered before and upto 31.05. 2013, so it’s valid for another 12yrs ( Time permitted to complete AMIE) for pre 2013 registered students. But for post 31.05.

What is the value of Amie?

AMIE is a B. Tech level examination in engineering, recognized by all State Governments, Central Govt., AICTE, UPSC etc as equivalent to B.E/B. Tech. That means, those who pass AMIE examination will get equal opportunities for job as well as higher education in both Govt.

Is Amie valid in Germany?

AMIE diploma is not valid in Germany even though it is recognised at par to B. Tech in USA, Australia an in other countries. … You can go for Bachelor in Engineering in Germany as they do not mind gap.

Is Amie valid in private sector?

Tech. AMIE degree is applicable in all job sectors. After AMIE you will get equal opportunities for higher studies as well as jobs in both govt. and private sectors.

Is Amie valid for UPSC 2020?

Yes, you can appear in UPSC. Yes, you can still appear for civil services exams. AMIE is still recognised by MHRD as per the records on

Is Amie banned?

It is submitted that AICTE has not recognized AMIE as an equivalent qualification to BE/B. Tech for teaching post. I understand and stated that AICTE has clarified that AMIE course is not approved by it.

Is Amie banned by Supreme Court?

AMIE degree is awarded by a professional body i.e Institution of Engineers(India) which is recognized as equivalent to Bachelor in Engineering by an Act of Parliament of India. … No, AMIE cannot be cancelled by the SC as the course is based upon the relevant provision for Institution of Engineers.

Is Amie valid for railway?

The degree obtained from AMIE is well recognized for all type of government jobs entrance examination as well as higher studies courses. You are eligible for Railways Recruitment board exams as well as UPSC exams.