How Much Is It To Add A Line With Tmobile?

How do I add a line to my tmobile family plan?

Log in to the T-Mobile app or My T-Mobile.(App only) Tap SHOP, and then tap Add a line.(My T-Mobile only) Click Add a person or device to my account in the “I want to…” section.Select Use my own phone.Select Continue.Confirm your order details and pricing, then select Continue to Shipping.More items….

How much is a family plan for T Mobile?

Best T-Mobile Family Plans 2020Plan TypeLinesPriceMagenta Family Plan4$140/monthMagenta Plus Family Plan4$170/monthEssentials Family Plan4$120/monthAug 3, 2020

Which T Mobile plan is the best?

What is the best T-Mobile plan overall? T-Mobile’s Magenta Plus plan is the carrier’s best phone plan. Not only does it offer unlimited talk, text, and data, but for just a few bucks more per month, you get bigger 4G LTE hotspot allotment (20GB), better video streaming, and more travel and entertainment perks.

What carrier is offering free phones?

Metro by T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless and Text Now are all currently offering free phone deals with eligible plans. Phones include the LG Stylo 4, the Samsung Galaxy J7 and J3 Prime, the Motorola E5 Play/Cruise, and a number of other Samsung and LG cell phones.

How much is T Mobile unlimited a month?

Go unlimited for $50/month. Get endless talk, text, and high-speed data—plus add up to four additional lines for $30/line per month.

Is T Mobile better than Verizon?

T-Mobile offers cheaper unlimited plans than Verizon at every tier of service. If you’re looking for a non-unlimited data plan, then Verizon is actually better (we would also recommend these plans). Data hogs: Pick Verizon. … T-Mobile currently offers faster download and upload speeds than Verizon.

What’s the best plan for 2 lines?

Best Family Cell Phone PlansPlanLinesPriceSimple Mobile Unlimited Plan2$75/monthMetro by T-Mobile $60 Unlimited Plan4$120/monthSprint Unlimited Plus Family Plan5$150/monthVerizon Do More Unlimited Family Plan4$180/month1 more row•Jul 31, 2020

What do I get if I switch to T Mobile?

There’s never been a better time to join T-Mobile. We’ll reimburse your remaining device balance and early termination fees, up to $650 per line—on up to 5 lines—via trade-in credit and virtual prepaid card.

Does T Mobile have any deals?

You can save up to 50% on an iPhone XR or iPhone SE when you switch to T-Mobile — no trade-in required. All you need is one eligible voice line and you’re set. … The trade-in options are the same as the iPhone 11 deal above, or you can trade a Google Pixel 3, Galaxy S9, or OnePlus 7 Pro for a $500 discount.

How much would it cost to switch to Tmobile?

Then, when you receive the final bill from your old carrier with the Early Termination Fee (ETF) amount included, send it to T-Mobile or submit it online at If you qualify, you will receive a virtual Prepaid MasterCard® Card within 8 weeks covering your ETF amount up to $350 per line.

Who has the best phone deals now?

The 5 best cell phone deals in the USApple iPhone 11 Pro – $350 off at Verizon with new unlimited plan.Samsung Galaxy S20 – save $450 and pay only $15/mo at AT&T.Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – buy one, get one free, plus up to $550 off in trade-in at Verizon.Apple iPhone 11 – $699.99 $599.99 at Boost Mobile.More items…

How much would it be to add a line on T Mobile?

27, T-Mobile Simple Choice customers will be able to add a new line for $10 per line per month after the second subscriber. The first line costs $50 per month and the second line costs $30 per month. T-Mobile has expanded the number of family lines customers can add from five to 10.

What is the best T Mobile family plan?

1. T-Mobile Family Plan. T-Mobile is our choice for the best family cell phone plan, thanks to its pool of unlimited data for every member of the family and its host of extras. For families, the T-Mobile Magenta plan costs $70 for the first line if you sign up for auto-pay.

Can I add a line to my T Mobile account?

First, find your current plan and see how much a new line will cost. Then, log in to the T-Mobile app or, click “shop” then “add a line” and determine if you want a new device on a new line, or if you prefer to connect an existing device to the new line.

Is T Mobile 55+ a good deal?

Bellevue, Washington – September 5, 2019 – The best just got better for 55 and better. Today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) announced Essentials Unlimited 55 — the Un-carrier’s best deal ever for Americans aged 55 and older, just $55 plus tax for two lines of unlimited talk, text and high-speed data.

What is the least expensive cell phone plan for seniors?

What Is the Cheapest Cell Phone Plan for Seniors?T-Mobile Magenta Plus Unlimited 55.AT&T. … AT&T Unlimited 55+AT&T Unlimited Elite with AARP discount.Sprint. … Verizon. … Consumer Cellular. Best for Customer Satisfaction and Customized Plans. … GreatCall. Best for Health & Safety Services.More items…•

How much does it cost to have 2 lines on T Mobile?

Monthly price comparisonMonthly price comparison1 line2 lines*Restricted LTE data download speeds.T-Mobile$65$100Sprint$65$110AT&T$75$1405 more rows•Jul 2, 2020

Does T Mobile give free phones?

New and existing T-Mobile customers can score a free phone by adding a new line. … There is one catch; to receive a free phone, a new voice line must be added to any of the carrier’s postpaid voice plans. The phones are free thanks to the 24 monthly bill credits that are applied to each participating subscriber’s account …

How can I get a free T mobile phone?

How do I get the free smartphone offer?Activate a new voice line on a qualified rate plan to be used with the new device. … Purchase the device through our 24-month payment plan on your newly activated line.Pay the applicable taxes on the pre-credit device price at time of purchase.Remain active and in good standing.

Does T Mobile have 4 lines for $100?

Our Simply Prepaid 4 lines for $100 plan provides 30 days of service in which you get unlimited talk, text and data, as well as 10 GB of 4G LTE data on your smartphone.

What is the best cell phone plan for 3 lines?

AT&TNumber of People3GB of Data Shared Between Phones9GB of Data Shared Between Phones1$60$702$100$1203$120$1404$140$160Aug 10, 2020