How Fast Can A Traxxas Slash 4×4 Go?

How fast will a Traxxas Slash go?

70+mphThe Velineon 3500 brushless motor and VXL-3s electronic speed control combine to pump out dirt-chewing, wheelie-popping torque and power.

It’s fast done the Traxxas way, capable of speeds in excess of 70+mph!.

How fast does the Traxxas Slash 4×4 1/16 go?

25mphIt’s fast, with a top speed of ~25mph.

What is the fastest traxxas motor?

A longtime maker of such cars, Traxxas claims its all-wheel-drive XO-1 is the world’s fastest ready-to-run, electric RC supercar. It says the XO-1 can hit 60 mph in 2.3 seconds and exceed 100 mph.

Who owns Traxxas RC?

Mike JenkinsMike Jenkins is the Owner & CEO at Traxxas .

Is the Traxxas Slash 4×4 waterproof?

To harness the power of the 12-turn motor, Traxxas bolted in the high-performance, waterproof XL-5 electronic speed control. … This allows young or new drivers to safely develop their control skills before unlocking full power of their Traxxas vehicle.

Is the Traxxas Slash brushless?

The Traxxas Slash defines the short course truck segment and sets the standard for durability, performance, and technology. … Slash 4X4’s extreme Velineon brushless power provides screaming 60+mph speed while the TQi radio system keeps everything under precise control.

Is Nitro better than electric?

Cleaner than Nitro Cars, and don’t need engine tuning. Typically cheaper to run. These cars are much quieter and practically silent compared to Nitro Cars. Electric Cars are much faster then Nitro cars with upgrades.

What is the most expensive RC car?

The Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 Is The World’s Most Expensive Remote Control Car.

What’s the biggest RC scale?

THE RAMINATOR MONSTER TRUCK The 1/5 scale Primal RC Raminator Monster truck is a hulking monster of a machine. Weighing in at 80 pounds, it’s one of the biggest, most powerful RC vehicles you’ve ever seen!

How fast is the Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate?

Capable of 60+MPH top speed with included high-speed pinion gear! This is the Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate Short Course Truck 3S LiPo Combo with 4000mAh 3S LiPo, EZ-Peak ID Charger, TQi Radio System, Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) and Factory-Installed Telemetry Sensors.

Can you make a 2wd Traxxas Slash into a 4wd?

The folks over at Traxxas have posted a How To on converting your 2WD Traxxas Truck Over To A 4×4. … The Stampede 4×4 kit can be used to convert your 2WD Traxxas over to 4WD. Traxxas offers their Stampede 4×4 kit with, or without, electronics.

Whats better Traxxas Slash or rustler?

The Rustler come geared higher for higher top speed out of the box, but both can have stupid fast gearing. Rustlers are a little lighter as the chassis is smaller. Slash has narrower rear A arms, and tend to flip more.

How fast is a 1/16 scale RC car?

1:16 Scale Large RC Cars 36+ kmh Speed – Boys Remote Control Car 4×4 Off Road Monster Truck Electric – All Terrain Waterproof Toys Trucks for Kids and Adults – 2 Batteries + Connector for 40+ Min Play.

What does VXL mean?

Velineon Brushless Power SystemVXL = Velineon Brushless Power System. It is the most powerful series of motors and speed controls from Traxxas for reaching high speeds with their cars and trucks. Traxxas, the FASTEST Name In Radio Control.

What is the fastest RC car on the market?

As far as THE fastest RC car available for sale is concerned, it is the Traxxas XO-1 Supercar. The XO-1 hits 100mph, with proper LiPos batteries. In fact, in the video below, someone got it up to 118.6MPH.

How big is a Traxxas Slash?

Long-Wheelbase Chassis The Slash chassis features a 13.2 inch wheelbase while offering over 3.5 inches of ground clearance.

How fast is a Traxxas Rustler?

Velineon Brushless Power System It’s fast done the Traxxas way, capable of speeds in excess of 70+mph!