How Do I Transfer My Balance To Another Number?

How do I change vouchers to data?

Converting your voucher into dataSend a free SMS to the number 568 with your 10-digit voucher number as the message, you’ll receive a reply message asking how you want the credit to be applied and will be able to select your chosen data-plan; or.Click Redeem Voucher on the Plan page in My amaysim..

How do I convert bmobile vouchers to data?

Convert Voucher to Data/Net package (Bmobile)Go to Play store & Download MY BT APP on your Phone.Register using your Bmobile number & add your desired pin.You will receive OTP to confirm your phone number.Now, your balance will be displayed.Click on “Data Plan Purchase”More items…

Can I transfer my Jio plan to another number?

No, you cannot transfer your Jio recharge to another Jio SIM. However, only Jio vouchers are transferable that too through the Jio app. All you can do is make use of the My Jio App that offers the facility to buy, store and transfer vouchers in digital format only.

Can we transfer data from one number to another?

Internet transfer is possible, only between both prepaid numbers. To Transfer 60 MB data: Dial Airtel internet Mbs transfer code *141*712*4*Beneficiary AirTel Number#

What is a balance transfer fee?

A balance-transfer fee is the amount of money charged by a lender to transfer existing debt from another lender. … Balance-transfer fees are common for credit cards that offer a low introductory interest rate.

How do I share a voucher?

Sending & ReceivingDial *130 * your party’s number * dollar amount #Press the Call/Send button.The receiving party will receive a text message asking him or her to credit your account.

How can I transfer data from one idea SIM to another?

How to Share Idea Internet With Friends and Family. Step 1) Dial *121*121# for sharing Data/SMS/Minutes or visit Idea Easyshare Page. Select your preference and proceed to next. Step 2) Now select the data plan that you want to share with friends and family members.

Can Jio data be transferred?

You cant transfer your Jio data from one sim to another sim. But you can transfer your addon from one jio number to another jio number. For that you need to open Jio app in your mobile phone and after that go to coupons. Now click on your addon and select redeem option.

How can I share 1gb data on MTN?

Dial *131*7# or simply dial *131# and select the 7th option. Pick option 1 and click on send to continue. Enter the phone number you’ll like to share the Data MB to. Choose 1, 2, or 3, depending on the MB size you’d like to share with the person.

How can I transfer balance from Jio to other number?

You have to recharge additionally from Jio App for transferring the balance.Download My Jio App and SignIn with SIM.Open balance transfer menu and buy an additional pack because 1.5 GB offer pack balance is non-transferable.After recharge enter MB and another Jio number, whom you want to share your Jio net balance.

How can I transfer idea internet balance to another number?

How to Transfer Internet Data from Idea to Idea. Step 1) Open your mobile keypad and dial *121*121# ussd code and proceed. When you will dial the code Idea balance transfer menu will appear on like the image.

How can I share data?

There are different ways to share data with a friend. You can send 10 MB by entering *141*712*11*phone number#. If you want to send 25 MB, you can dial *141*712*9*phone number#. In case you would like to send 60 MB, then you can enter *141*712*4*phone number#.

How can I transfer MB?

On your phone dial: *229*recipient*Amount Of MB then followed by # e.g *229*08083253341*50# OR *229*recipient*Amount Of MB*pin# eg. *229*08083253341*50*pin#. Default Security Pin is=0000 After doing this, the total MB you specified will be transferred to the number you entered.

Can we transfer Jio main balance?

Reliance Jio balance transfer service allow users to transfer Jio balance on the Jio number only. … You can’t do it, you have to additionally recharge on your Jio account from MyJio App. Or there is no ussd service to transfer Jio 4G balance you have to do everything with the help of MyJio App.

How do I transfer my balance to another phone?

Dial: If you want to transfer your mobile balance just write SMS, GIFT and Send it to 533733. Transfer Limit: You can transfer a balance from minimum Rs. 5 to Rs. 50 to another network.