How Do I Find A DL Number By Name?

What is university application number?

When you send your application, the application system gives your application a number.

There are two kinds of application numbers: an application number that consists of six number sequences separated by dots, e.g.


How can I know my driving Licence number in Telangana?

You can check your driving license status in Telangana online through or at the RTO. To check the learning license status online, you will have to enter the application number and date of birth, on doing which, the status of the DL will be displayed on the screen.

How can I get duplicate driving Licence in Bangalore?

Apply In-PersonTo apply for a Duplicate Driver License in Karnataka the applicant has to approach the RTO office to which his area belongs to. … Link for online application forms :Link1 for Form And Link2 for Form.Application and Intimation of loss or destruction of driving license in Form LLD (can get it from RTO)More items…•

How can I check my driving Licence in Nepal?

People can receive the information by sending SMS to 33001 for just Rs 5. To check result for written test, users have to type ‘WT [Application ID number]’ and Send it to 33001. Similarly, to check smart driving license print status, users have to type ‘LC [Application ID Number]’ and Send it to 33001.

How can I get driving Licence number in Kerala Digilocker?

Details of it are provided below….Select Partner Name as ‘Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways, All States’ and ‘Document Type’ as ‘Driving License’.If your Aadhar is linked, you can see that your Name and Date Of Birth is automatically filled. … Enter your Driving license number. … Now click on ‘Get Document’ button.More items…

How can I get my lost driving Licence number in Telangana?

Procedure[edit]If your driver license is valid and it’s stolen or lost, then you would have to file an FIR with the local police station and you will be requested to produce the report with the application. Apply In-Person.Apply through State Portal.Telangana – Obtain A Duplicate Driver License.

How can I get my driving Licence number if I lost it online in India?

In case you have lost your original driving license or if it has been stolen or mutilated, you can get a duplicate driving license from the same RTO that issued your DL. You can apply for a duplicate DL either online or directly at the RTO (regional transport office) without any hassles.

How can I get my driving Licence number in Kerala?

You can check your driving license status in Kerala online through Click on application status and then select license. You will then have to enter the required details such as your application number or inward number.

How do I apply for DL?

How to Apply for Driving Licence Online in Karnataka(KA)?Step1: Go to and download the application form and print it.Step 2: Submit the filled form at the RTO nearest to your residence.Step 3: Submit all the above-mentioned documents.Step 4: You will get a slot for the driving test.More items…

What is a Applicant ID?

Your applicant ID is a unique identifier that helps admissions officers find you within our system. When you log into the system, you can see your name on the upper right corner of the window. When you click on your name a small menu appears. Your applicant ID can be seen there.

What is DL number in India?

Driving Licence Number is the Unique identity of Every Driver. One Should Always note down his/her driving license number. Even if you lose your Driving License, knowing the DL Number can help you a lot. However, there are cases when driving license is lost and Driving License number is also not known.

What is the application reference number?

What is an Application Reference Number? The Application Reference Number (ARN) is provided to you by the financial service provider, after you have completed the online application form for a financial product. This number is unique to your financial product application.

How can I download my driving Licence online in Telangana?

Register on the app with your Name, mobile phone number and email address. An OTP will be sent to your smartphone to authenticate the login. You will see two options, one for RC and one for Driving License. Both of these can be retrieved by entering a few details from each of the original documents.

How do I find my drivers license number by name?

ShareVisit the RTO from where your Driving License is issued.Provide them with your name, date of birth and father’s name.They will search in their database and get your driving license number.

How do I find my application number?

Here’s what you should do in case you have forgotten your application number: 1) Check your email inbox which you had entered while filling the application form. A confirmation mail is sent on the email ID of the candidates which contains details like Application number. 2) Check your SMS history.

How can I check my driving Licence status in Gujarat?

How to Check your RC Status OnlineVisit the “Online Services” tab, you will find an option called “Know your vehicle details”. … You will be asked to enter your vehicle registration number. … You will now see your RC status.

Is driving test started in Kerala?

It is only in Kerala that the permission to open driving schools are denied. The government levies fees for the driving test while collecting fees for learner’s license. However, tests are not being conducted.

What is slot booking in RTO?

Acquiring a learning license (LL) is the very first step towards becoming an authorized driver in India. However, the applicant is required to pass a test before the LL is issued. You can book a test slot through your state’s Regional Transport Office’s (RTO) website.