How Do I Delete A Comment On Planner?

Does deleting a message in teams Delete for everyone?

This will only be cleared for the user clearing the conversation history.

The other user will still be able to see the conversation unless they also clear the conversation history.

Note: Only administrators can delete messages sent by other users..

Does Microsoft Planner send notifications?

In Planner, you have two ways to stay informed. Planner can send email notifications and mobile app notifications.

How use Microsoft planner effectively?

How to Get the Most Microsoft Planner: Best Practices Overview & TipsPrioritize your tasks into buckets. … Apply the due date and calendar functionality. … Consider organizing by the amount of effort instead of priority. … Add project portfolio management functionality. … Try a desktop app. … Employ the Office 365 integration.More items…•

Can I delete my comment on someone else’s post?

If you’re a personal user and you made a post, and someone else left a comment on that post that you want to remove, you can remove it the same way you can remove a post you left. You will need to find the specific post you want to remove, but from there, just hover over it and look for the …

Can someone see if you delete a comment on Facebook?

Deleting the Facebook comment will erase it; no one will be able to see it. The user will know that the negative comment has been deleted if they go to view it again, but they won’t be notified of its deletion.

How can I delete a comment?

To delete a single comment in the document, right-click the comment, and choose Delete Comment. To delete all the comments in the document, go to the Review tab, click the down-arrow on Delete, and choose Delete All Comments in Document.

How do I turn off Microsoft planner notifications?

Turn email notifications off or onSelect the settings button. near the top right of the screen and then choose Notifications.In the Notifications dialog box, you have the following options: Someone assigns a task to you. A task assigned to me is late, due today, or due in the next 7 days.Choose Save.

How do I permanently delete chat history on teams?

Click on the 3 dots action drop down on the top right and then click on the Delete Team action. You will be asked for confirmation — stating that the team and its entire chat history will be deleted if you proceed. The team is deleted and removed from your team’s list immediately.

How do I get planner notifications on my team?

You can get a Teams notification when a Planner task is assigned to you by another person if your team has Planner installed and your plan has a tab in Teams. To turn on the Planner assignment notifications in Teams: In Planner for web, select Settings, and then under Planner, select Notifications.

What happens when you hide a comment on someone else’s post?

1. Hide the post or comment. To hide a comment, hover over the top-right hand “x” and click “Hide.” Now the post can only be seen by the person who wrote the comment and his or her friends. They’ll have no idea the post is hidden, and you can always click “Unhide” later if you like.

How do you delete a comment on teams?

To delete a chat message, press and hold the message and select the delete option. and select the delete option.