Can An Elevator Lift Mjolnir?

Who has been able to lift Mjolnir?

9 characters who have been able to lift Thor’s hammerBeta Ray Bill: The Mighty Thor #337 (1983)Captain America – The Mighty Thor #390 (1988)Ragnarok – Dark Avengers #189 (2013)Wonder Woman – Marvel v.

DC #3 (1996)Superman – Avengers/JLA #4 (2004)Hulk – Avengers Assemble #4 (2012)Awesome Android – She-Hulk #14 (2006)Magneto – The Ultimates 3 #5 (2008).

Can Thanos lift the Mjolnir?

Nonetheless, Thanos did NOT lift Thor’s hammer. He DID lift his axe, however, because Stormbreaker doesn’t have any kind of magical enchantment- just the god of thunder to answer to.

Is Spiderman worthy of Mjolnir?

Peter Parker (the original Spider-man) has picked up Mjolnir and thrown it to Thor in combat. Actually at least two Spider-men are worthy to lift it, but not worthy enough to assume to power of Thor. Peter Parker (the original Spider-man) has picked up Mjolnir and thrown it to Thor in combat.

Can Deadpool lift Mjolnir?

Deadpool does so while Thor is on a heroic mission. … He goes on to take the hammer along on the usual irreverent Deadpool misadventures: ordering fast food, playing festival games, and batting around some baseballs mid-game. However, there is a catch: Deadpool wasn’t actually in possession of the real Mjolnir.

Can Thor fly without Mjolnir?

As we see during the movies Thor and The Avengers, Thor is capable of pseudo-flight when he has the use of Mjolnir. When he is without his trusty hammer, he can certainly use his increased agility and strength to leap great distances, but we have not seen him fly unaided.

Can the Hulk lift Mjolnir?

And Hulk being the strongest one there is, he’s attempted to lift Mjolnir with varying degrees of success in their many battles. Perhaps the closest Hulk has come to truly lifting Mjolnir was in Avengers Assemble #4. … Hulk was able to both deflect Mjolnir and whack Thor in the face with it.

What happens if you put mjolnir in an elevator?

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” … Technically an unworthy person could hold the hammer and not get the powers of Thor and still fulfill this commandment. But yeah an elevator would go up. In Avengers 1 Hulk tries to pick up the hammer while on the helicarrier.

Is the elevator worthy?

An elevator is neither worthy of unworthy, it has no worth that could be factored into the equation. Pretty much the hammer does not register the elevator. … Think about it like this, when Thor puts the hammer on a table, it is supported by the table. It does not fall to the ground, breaking the table.

What happens to Hulk at the end of Age of Ultron?

Where the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron was meant to imply that the Quinjet the Hulk had stolen did not break orbit, but Thor: Ragnarok reveals that the ship did indeed leave for outer space and eventually crash-landed on the planet Sakaar, ruled by the Grandmaster, where Hulk quickly became Grandmaster’s prized …

Can Odin beat Thanos?

Absolutely, yes. Odin has lived many thousands of years longer than Thanos. He knows more secrets to the power of the cosmos than Thanos and he has conquered and defeated many powerful opponents than Thanos has ever faced. Odin in his prime, would have prevented Thanos from finding the Infinity Stones.

Was Odin stronger than Thanos?

Odin is more durable and stronger than Thanos and, as a mere side effect of his battles (collateral damage, essentially) entire galaxies can be destroyed (something which happened in his fight with Seth, for example).

Can Ultron pick up Thor’s hammer?

yes, Ultron would be able to lift Thor’s hammer, if the occasion arises; which it hasn’t. Tony Stark speculated that the rules of the hammer would not apply to Ultron because it is not human.

Is Stormbreaker stronger than Mjolnir?

Stormbreaker is more powerful than Mjolnir. Best evidence is it can summon the bifrost bridge on its own without any help. It is much more stronger than Mjolnir because its more of a battle weapon befitting a powerful being than Mjolnir which seems to work as a deterrant and defending kind of weapon.